Massimo Fava Web Site

Welcome to my site

I have always had a personal website and I have always realized websites
I am a creative and then the graphics part is the only one to give me joy
I'm barely making my way with these interminable pages of code always helped by the mythical Stefano Vannucchi who says that a site would not serve me as already present on AnticoAntico and as a photographer certified Google Street View 

But nonetheless I need to share this tangle of emotions, experiences lived in the various phases of my life if not even performing them at the same time.
This thing in Italy has never been seen as a good thing: either you are a comedian or you are a doctor, with good peace for the excellent surgeon Doctor Enzo Jannacci, just to name

a whole matter of Faith  
Of course I'm not comparing myself with him or anyone else for God sake, I simply had the opportunity to wander through various activities because life has allowed me Some famous phrases of Walt Disney or Steve Jobs have been and are still the source of my energy To this has also been added to a religious faith or better a comparison between the various faiths to reach a further source of energy, and this energy is much greater than the non-spiritual ones